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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing cannot be ignored today. But what is it really? Many go to claim that Inbound marketing is the same as content marketing. But it is much more that that. It’s adverse to interruptive marketing that pops up everywhere on the internet and stalks us every point of our internet experience. Inbound marketing is that which builds trust in the brand. It genuinely engages a propective client by peaking attention and providing something the client is interested in. Content marketing is a major part of this since it provides sought after information of a prospective client. It improves SEO and SERP ranking. Social media is another offset of Inbound marketing. By genuinely engaging with customers and maybe posting content that might turn viral companies can leverage social media for marketing. Inbound marketing can be hard and takes time. But it is a necessity today.

5 Tips for Marketing Startups

Current times make it challenging for startups to market their brand. But with a few strategic steps startups can successfully engage in marketing.

1. Pay attention to your target audience: Initial marketing strategies call for target of everyone at a given time. Instead pay attention to a targeted audience, that will be keen on promoting your business.
2.List yourself on business awards: If you’re completing an experimental piece of work for your own company or selling an innovative product, try and list yourself in awards of that genre. This gives an edge over media and press. And a little press goes a long way for businesses.
3.Make the most of Social Media: When you’re a startup it’s a given that you must use social media for marketing. It is one of the most economically viable means of marketing. While doing so, make sure that you’re not just promoting promotional content of your business but be sure to add relevant posts that are intriguing and shareable. Engage in social media by being social, not just posting regularly.
4. Invite people to share and like: Give incentives to people for talking about or hash tagging your product or service on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Offer gifts or discou nts to them for liking your page. This ensures more exposure to your company’s page.
5. Blog with original content: Come up with topics that are genuine and original. Come up with ideas and convey social research experiments and analysis’. Do surveys and generate content based on them.

Social media for your business

The benefits of Social media for businesses are plenty a dozen.
We all have known what a powerful tool social media can be,
It helps keep a businesses connected to its customers,
its future customers as well as competitors.
Social media drives traffic to a companies website
and makes the brand more visible.
It increases a brands visibility at a minimal cost,
and cuts marketing cost by nearly half.

We can help build you brand on social media.