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Rebranding a twenty-year old film production company, Shree Venkatesh Films with a new brand name and visual identity system- rebranded as SVF. They’re the largest integrated
entertainment company in east India, and one of the largest in India:
Producers of 110+ films, largest film distributors, own 4000+ hours of TV content; 700 bengali songs; a TV channel, helped launch many top celebrities.
The challenge was to rebrand SVF as a modern entertainment company, giving them the required image upgrade without putting off their viewers. For SVF to stay strong to it’s cultural roots in Bengal, yet look global to reach out to a future global audience. We developed an identity, the strokes of which resemble characteristics of the Bengali script, with a diverse range of touch points that works cohesively as well as organically with SVF’s vast variety of verticals.
SVF’s signature, a metaphorical sign of a commitment and an identity system in one. It implies a continued commitment to deliver dedication and passion in providing the best of entertainment. A visual system that is personal, emotional and human – just like their
cinema, music and television.

Amarana Residences

A contemporary residential housing developed by Salarpuria Sattva Group. Modern and efficient in design, intelligently planned Amarana Residences makes way for functional and ergonomic living with well planned club facilities and social living spaces. We designed their visual brand identity system.


Three Calcutta bookstores took a brazen step. They left their franchisee-ship with the famous Crossword chain electing to build their own new brand. The stores would continue to operate at the same premises, but with a new brand name. The ambitious owners are set to offer the best bookstore experience in the country: a pilgrimage for book-lovers. A real-world space where people would love to socialise. Somewhat of a tomorrow’s bookstore, but on ground. First things first: we designed the brand name STORY. A bookstore is made up of stories. People connect with stories. Always have, always will. Its DNA is age proof, adaptable and upgradeable. We created an organic brand name and brand mark as our brand’s upfront story-telling tool. A social brand experience that provokes imagining and thinking. And, with a name like STORY, the design wrote itself.

Instagram image of Fat Feed - Zero Budget Agency


We’re lucky to work with a few game-changing clients who have built disruptive products.
StockWise, a product we’ve named, help build its brand and market, is pretty genius.
It’s a SAAS product, an app that helps retailers buy right stocks at the right time.
What that means is, it saves a lot of money from being stuck in dead stock and helps make higher profits, quicker.
This app saves retail chains crores of rupees.
It’s phenomenally easy to use. In fact, you don’t need to be literate to use the app.
Also very affordable. Any small or medium retail store in India could afford it!
That means more successful small and medium retailers in the future!

Baroma Sirona Hospitals

The first multi speciality startup hospital in the outskirts of Kolkata. Functioning with a team of eminent doctors and professionals, located in rural India, right at the junction of East and West Minidipur district on NH6 in Panskura. Set to become the largest hospital in the four western districts of West Bengal and soon to have three chains


RUCKUS is a new brand of an energy drink. It bottles itself in a wacky can that has a eccentrically designed name on it. Made for a tribe of people who live between being wise hippies and and unwise  professionals. And other offbeat ones like them.

Few Films By ZERO

ZERO is film-agnostic.
We work on a broad variety of films:

motions graphics, ad films, new media content, animation.
We’re allied with various talents and resources:
animators, sound designers, actors, models, 
film production houses.

Effect of advertising on economy

Advertising helps people and nudges them to basically buy more.
It educates the consumer about the product, why it is better, it’s uses etc.
By encouraging increased spending, it helps the economy to grow.
In a recessional economy you might find a downward momentum in advertising in order to cut costs buy marketeers. But at the same time it is also possible to find another marketeer increase advertising spend in order to grab the market and surpass the competition.


A nationwide public movement and awareness against women trafficking. Over a million girl children are unaccounted for in the Indian population because they trafficked. They are missing!