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the client is NOT always right!

Whether you work in design, art, copy or any other creative department, you’re bound to deal with at least one client in your lifetime who is straight from the fiery pits. The age old motto: “The client is always right” does not apply to them because in reality they’re not always right!

We agree that some clients, because they are human beings, make mistakes. But this client of ours is just unrealistic in his demands and expects the impossible. From making a complete brochure from incomplete information, to changing the copy several thousand times, to illustrating even the tiniest of details for the cover design only for it to be turned down – this client made designing a hard job.

It’s a wonder how we managed to remain professional and courteous in such an irritating situation. Alas! It was a team effort from our end that made the completion of this brochure ……wait! The client just called. MORE CHANGES!!

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