The way we do things for you.

The way we do things for you.

Make your brand more human.
Solve your design problems.
Solve your communication problems.
Help you reach people.
Help you reach more people.
Invent new media for you, if necessary.
Invent new media for you, even if not necessary.
Think. Think again.
Throw out. Start again.
Build your product with you.
Change again.
Work very fast.
Slow down, to think.
Expedite everything.



What is the point of
Promising, and not keeping them;
The person you are speaking
to you is probably smarter than you.
If not, she has Google.
It might be a good idea
to build honest brands,
tell more truths.
May help sell.

Brandname, identity & marketing strategy for a retail analytics app

We’re lucky to work with a few game-changing clients who have built disruptive products.
StockWise, a product we’ve named, help build its brand and market, is pretty genius.
It’s a SAAS product, an app that helps retailers buy right stocks at the right time.
What that means is, it saves a lot of money from being stuck in dead stock and helps make higher profits, quicker.
This app saves retail chains crores of rupees.
It’s phenomenally easy to use. In fact, you don’t need to be literate to use the app.
Also very affordable. Any small or medium retail store in India could afford it!
That means more successful small and medium retailers in the future!

Yes, But.

Yes, But.

Yes, but in four years…

Yes, but he doesn’t…

Yes, but I’m not sure…

Yes, but when I am…

Yes, but that’s impossible…

Yes, but how?

Yes, but why?

How often does a but follow your yes?