Priya Cinemas Relaunch

The iconic Priya cinema is back, better than ever.

Priya. Your favourite, then and now was the tagline.
The strategy revolved around reintroducing Priya and highlighting the new improved experience but keeping the nostalgia intact.

Petrol Price Hike

ZERO’s response to the hike in petrol prices in 2018.

The concept behind this was that due to the rise in the price of petrol we’d soon be in a situation where animals would need to drag our vehicles.

No Shave Movember

Movember is an annual event where people grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues. 

The concept behind this video was that even Superheroes need support.




SVF Rebranding

Rebranding a twenty-year old film production company, Shree Venkatesh Films with a new brandname and visual identity system- rebranded as SVF. They’re the largest integrated entertainment company in east India, and one of the largest in India: Producers of 110+ films, largest film distributors, own 4000+ hours of TV content; 700 bengali songs; a TV channel, helped launch many top celebrities. The challenge was to rebrand SVF as a modern entertainment company, giving them the required image upgrade without putting off their viewers. For SVF to stay strong to it’s cultural roots in Bengal, yet look global to reach out to a future global audience. We developed an identity, the strokes of which resemble characteristics of the Bengali script, with a diverse range of touch points that works cohesively as well as organically with SVF’s vast variety of verticals. SVF’s signature, a metaphorical sign of a commitment and an identity system in one. It implies a continued commitment to deliver dedication and passion in providing the best of entertainment. A visual system that is personal, emotional and human – just like their cinema, music and television.