What and why is it important to be a focussed brand.

What and why is it important to be a focussed brand.
A brand that tries to please everyone and lacks having a main focus is starkly different from one that stands for something. That knows exactly why it is wanted by people. Most brands should meticulously choose what they want their main focus to be even if it means giving up on something. It’s always better to be the number one in your niche than having to settle for being the second or third in a broader category. That way you can charge a premium for your special selling point.

Guidelines for a good Brand Name

While choosing a good brand name there are a couple of things creative agencies should keep in mind. The names we choose should have the following characteristics:
1. They should be concise and easy to remember. Long names generally have the tendency to be abbreviated into non communicating initials.
2. It should be easy to spell and to pronounce.
3. It should be likeable.
4. It should be differentiable. Able to stand apart from the crowd.
5. It should be able to be trademarked and not an extension of something that pre exists.


What makes an idea an innovation?

Most advertising agencies have tried at some point to be innovative.
For an idea to be innovative, risks have to taken. It is natural for people to shy away from doing anything stupid or appear stupid, This hinders innovation. But once freed from this fear, some good ideas and innovations appear. Those who have enough guts to be different stand out. Humour surprises people, especially self deprecating humour. Humour is necessary for innovative ideas.

A Review on the Oppo Mobile N1 advertisement.

Being a communications agency we tend to be critical. Specially of TVC’s. The Oppo Mobile N1 advertisement, featuring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor, done by Karishma Lintas India, in my eyes was a disaster of an advertisement. Though it might have got a lot of views on YouTube. The characters portrayed might have been friends since childhood. It looks like Hrithik is promoting the act of stalking. It encourages the men of our country to go ahead and snap pictures of women without their permission. Towards the end, it shows that women should naturally be okay with someone randomly taking their pictures without permission, without batting an eye like the way Sonam Kapoor does in the advertisement.


Path Breaking pavements that generate electricity.

New product developments require thoughtful analysis. A few questions arise before developing a new product. How to develop new products, what market research it requires, how long it takes to make the product, how to protect it and how to turn it into a new brand.
A new product requires rigorous market research, figuring out holes in an existing product and building on that. Prototypes have to be made and tested. It requires immense research and development and clinical trials.
One such product is the electricity generating pavements that have been launched in London.
Shoppers walk down a path that generates electricity
called the Pavegen Walkway. The energy generated would then be used to power up street lamps, bird sounds for street walkers and bluetooth transmitters.

How colours affect brand recognition

Colours are a means of visual communication.
People have a natural reaction to colours.
They communicate a certain trait or emotion of the brand through the colours it represents.
Blue is generally seen as a secure, calm, caring , trustworthy colour. Red is seen as a passionate, bold, energetic, love colour. Yellow is seen as a fun, playful, optimistic colour. Black is seen as sophisticated, luxury, formal and authoritative colour.