Where ideas come from

Most people wonder and most artists are asked where their ideas spring from. There are two schools of thought as to where they actually come from. One believes that theres a cloud and amongst those clouds are ideas floating around waiting to be picked up. The other believes that ideas are a result of hard work, perseverance and constant thoughtfulness. A few pointers on where to get ideas from are through: 1.Being curious 2.Being prepared 3.Working Hard 4.Luck

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Few films by ZERO

 ZERO is film-agnostic.
We work on a broad variety of films:

motions graphics, ad films, new media content, animation.
We’re allied with various talents and resources:
animators, sound designers, actors, models, 
film production houses.































Influencer marketing

These days people talk a lot about influencer marketing and how it is so important in brand strategy. But what is influencer marketing?
The rise of social media marketing has led to digitally savvy influencers who are being used as marketeers.
They function as key leaders to drive a brands message to the market sphere.
Influencer marketing targets a leader who in turn has a large number of consumers who believe and follow them on various social platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram etc. These marketeers are paid to promote a certain brand for them. Used effectively they are instrumental in seducing a large target audience.
Influencer marketing goes hand in hand with social media and content marketing. Similar to word of mouth marketing but not not quite influencer marketing is said to be 2017’s top marketing strategy.