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Cliche or simple ideas?

Sometimes cliché ideas and simple ideas are mistaken to be the same. In fact, they couldn’t be more different. Cliché ideas are those that are over used a million times. Those that are repeated time and again. Simple ideas need not be cliched. They can be good simple ideas as well. But cliché ideas are seldom good due to the fact that they’ve been over abused and beaten down.

Let’s Pitch

You might be one of those lucky few who don’t need to pitch. But for those of us that live in the real world pitches are unnerving, competitive and all absorbing.
Some helpful tips towards pitching are:
1. Reputation : If you have a reputed agency of course you’ve cut past most obstacles and are ten steps ahead of being likely to win a pitch.
2. While pitching steer clear of making just advertising the main focus.
3. Try showcasing your work at the very beginning if you’ve reached so far as scoring your first meeting with a client. It will help with your image. It will make clients more comfortable and willing to give their time to you.
4. Focus on highlighting the people in your agency: Sell their     creativity imagination, intelligence and insight.

Where ideas come from

Most people wonder and most artists are asked where their ideas spring from. There are two schools of thought as to where they actually come from. One believes that theres a cloud and amongst those clouds are ideas floating around waiting to be picked up. The other believes that ideas are a result of hard work, perseverance and constant thoughtfulness. A few pointers on where to get ideas from are through: 1.Being curious 2.Being prepared 3.Working Hard 4.Luck

The J in Gif.

The Gif stands for “Graphic interchange format “, or as some put it “great internet fun”. 
It turns 29 this year and was pioneered by Steve Wichita, 
while he was working for Compuserve, in June 1987.
At the heart of any Gif is fun and humour. 
Though they may be of low resolution and quality, 
require low bandwith, supporting only 256 colours, 
and don’t support sound, with no start and stop features, 
Gifs gained popularity due to their emotional connection with people.
Gifs are so widely spread that it is hard to ignore them. 
To the layman, it appears as a relatively new innovation 
but it has been around for quite sometime now. 
From meeting controversy, for using a patented technique 
to going viral on the internet, the gif has come a long way.
It was used for designing webpages,
in its earlier stages, as placeholders or banners for websites
One of the early gifs were those of spinning globe in the Mozilla browser.
They gained popularity in the 90’s, as it was 
the only way to get animations on to sites and due to its low standards could be accessed through any browser.Then the changes started to happen, when people wanted to do better than just an animated dancing banana, that used to circle back in the day , to adding videos and photo’s to Gif’s. This brought on the “rebirth”of Gifs. People didn’t want to hit play and stop in video’s to gain humour, they would rather just see it play on its own, because you couldn’t miss the humour then.

Today, gifs are used as a reaction to anything that happens in the news, sports, advertising or just for fun.

Go make some!

Building Instagram’s fattest feed

@FatFeedZero is growing to become Instagram’s fattest feed.
Every picture connects with the next to form one large growing image.
The feed is surreal, intriguing and addictive.
It is followed by some of the best creative minds in the world.
Followers often come back to the feed to find out what’s next.
Fat Feed has become a very useful resource for ZERO,
to connect with great creative talents across the world.
This feed has been written about by many blogs and media houses 
both in India and abroad such as DesignMilk, BoredPanda, 
Filter Copy amongst others.