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Brand Positioning.

One of the prerequisites of marketing a new brand is to determine it’s position. According to Al Ries and Trout’s bestselling book, Postioning – The Battle of Your Mind in 1982, position stratergy is an organised system for finding a window in the customer’s mind, based on the idea that communication can only take place at the right time and under the right circumstance. A few steps should be kept in mind while determining a market positioning. 1. Analyse your competitors and their offerings- This helps in analysing gaps in the market and filling them. 2. Drafting a position statement 3. Identifying what is unique to your own product. 4. Identitfying your competitors positioning. 5. Testing the effectiveness of your brand positioning. Good brand positioning should be clear. Your audience must not misunderstand or be confused as to your offerings.

Why storytelling is an effective marketing tool.

Brands have been using storytelling for a long time. Here is why brands use storytelling as part of their marketing strategy:
1. It gives the brand more personality. Making it more real. More relatable to the customer. Once a customer bonds with the brand it would be difficult for him/her to change.
2. It connects with the client on a more emotional level. It becomes memorable.
3. Clients would want to keep returning to the product, to see or experience more stories.



Ways to get maximum reach with minimum spend

Whether you’re a startup or a seasoned company,
getting the most out of your buck is everybody’s priority.
Listed below are surefire ways to reduce your marketing spend:
1. By getting to know your customer: Sometimes even before you market your product it is better to know your customers needs and requirements. Getting to know their target audience becomes a prerogative. When you know these hard facts wastage is cut to a minimal. Finding out customer problems and providing specific solutions reduces expenses.
2. Instead of appointing a PR manager become one yourself: Pitching to newspapers and bloggers by being the owner of a company would more likely get more attention than being PR rep. Start locally ,so your articles would be more likely to be picked up later by larger media houses.
3. Maintaining an Email list: and make the most of email campaigning. Write or make excellent email campaigns that call for eyeballing headlines. Make a subscribers list and add offers and discounts for people who sign up. Sign up on service provers like Mailchimp that let you send mails to over 12000 subscribers at one time.
4. Co sponsor events: Get together with like minded companies or those that share your interests and co sponsor events around your vicinity.
5. Zero in on target demographics: While running campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn narrow down your target reach to specific audiences to make sure you make the most out of your ad spend and avoid pilferage.

Bootstrapped marketing techniques

Cost effective marketing has to be carefully planned. You cannot carry it out in a haphazard manner. Here’s where Zero Budget Agency comes in . We work at minimal costs in the following ways. We call it Zero’ism. 1. We blog: A surefire way to driving traffic to your website is through quality content and blogging. Depending on the quality of your blog more people are likely to follow and interact with you, making your site and product more visible. 2. We take a disciplined approach to marketing: by planning, strategising key movements. 3. We make videos : We keep our viewers entertained and in the loop of things we are doing in the form of videos. These are in house videos shot by our in house film maker, with a strong idea. It doesn’t have to overspill budget. Videos are an easy cheap way to raise awareness by sharing them on social media sites. 4. We use social media to the hilt, strategically: We don’t just post stuff for the heck of it. We plan their releases and we make sure we are aggressive while doing it. 5. We use email marketing : We use mailing lists to send out emailers on various offers that we have at a given time. 6. We make use of analytics: We just don’t blindly do paid advertisements on social media sites. We carefully gage the analytics on how well they fare or not. 7. We do press releases: Paid press releases making sure they happen over a periods of time and not just in an all at once approach.

Social media for your business

The benefits of Social media for businesses are plenty a dozen.
We all have known what a powerful tool social media can be,
It helps keep a businesses connected to its customers,
its future customers as well as competitors.
Social media drives traffic to a companies website
and makes the brand more visible.
It increases a brands visibility at a minimal cost,
and cuts marketing cost by nearly half.

We can help build you brand on social media.