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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing cannot be ignored today. But what is it really? Many go to claim that Inbound marketing is the same as content marketing. But it is much more that that. It’s adverse to interruptive marketing that pops up everywhere on the internet and stalks us every point of our internet experience. Inbound marketing is that which builds trust in the brand. It genuinely engages a propective client by peaking attention and providing something the client is interested in. Content marketing is a major part of this since it provides sought after information of a prospective client. It improves SEO and SERP ranking. Social media is another offset of Inbound marketing. By genuinely engaging with customers and maybe posting content that might turn viral companies can leverage social media for marketing. Inbound marketing can be hard and takes time. But it is a necessity today.

Technology Gains Ground in Indian Advertising

Successful ROI is the main reason for advertising in India today. While India as a country grows digitally it has become increasingly difficult for advertisers to implement measures to improve digital advertising. Focus must be placed on Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. They ensure that ads are cost effective and and have a wide reach. Social media ads provide a two way communication for effective marketing to consumers and vice versa. Consumers can reach marketeers and express their concerns instantly via this channel. Also ads can be adapted based on their analytical insights. Technology today is one of the best ways to make advertising more effective, and have a successful ROI.