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Fun in Advertisements

India seems to be the boiling pot of some of the funniest and best TV commercials of all time. 
People remember ads, if it appeals to their psyche. And ads do bias decisions.
Commercials need to have a wow factor to be remembered. 
A lot of ads in Indian ads have aced this.
1. The Flipkart #BigBillionSale ads, where they depict children talking in adult voices. 
Particularly the one depicting Mishra who says that he would like a 
raise so as to buy a designer handbag for his wife. His boss then tells him its not how much money you make but what you make of your money. 
He tells him to buy on Flipkart where the offer of buying a lot with a little is making rounds.This ad has a humorous appeal to the human mind and makes us laugh, 
when we see all the children dressed up as typical adults in offices in India.
2. Another good commercial is #StayStarted with Nescafe, 
RJ Rishi’s Story. The copy of the commercial is good 
as it registers in the mind and keeps coming back. 
No Tring trong he goes, which really sticks. A good element in the commercial is the fact that the direction of the ad holds true to the product, Nescafe being sold to the audience. His airtime is in the wee hours of the morning which shows that he needs his Nescafe and that he is as stubborn as his coffee.This ad also has an emotional appeal as we initially feel bad for RJ Rishi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tBqrioLag4
3. The Amul Inner-wear ad is another one that has good direction and design. It doesn’t harbour any vulgarity even though it is an underwear ad. It is not typically flashy like normal underwear ads are. It focuses more on humour, where the girl keeps trying to gaze at a man doing yoga on his rooftop and finally she falls off while trying to view him and gets caught doing so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjOGoYlBkg8
4. Amazon ads have been doing well too.
They appeal to the Indian culture and are informative about the same. The #DeliverTheLove this Raksha Bandhan, depicts an elderly man talk about a smile. The end campaign is that Amazon will deliver the gifts but its the audiences responsibilty to deliver the love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wo6BkRgvYF8
Or even Amazon’s #MomBeAGirlAgain series of ads, are really informative on culture. They show the love and respect that mothers receive in India, and how a woman is appreciated.


Man’s world of advertising.

Advertisements are meant to to sell.
For long women have been crassly objectified in ads.
Their body parts showcased like pieces to sell.
The industry, however has evolved.
These days,the damsel in distress is the opposite of the strategies used by ad’s.
In India, too.
Here are some advertisements that are truly inspiring in their ideas and concepts:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kFRr06pa8o – The Nirma Washing Soap ad: Four women do something that no one else dares to. They see an ambulance stuck on the road they take charge. Together they manage to get the ambulance out of the pothole.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqorn7q3cz4 – Dove, Lets break the rules of Beauty: It is about changing the concept of beauty and realising that everyone is beautiful in their own way. There are no rules to beauty, it is about realising and accepting yourself.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef27m5ocK6Q –Myntra: It is about changing the society’s concept of acceptable love. Two girls, who choose an alternative lifestyle. They are Bold and Beautiful.


Communication is key: Graphic Design

Good communication lies at the heart of graphic design.
What is graphic design?
And what do graphic designers do?
Graphic design is a means of communication,
problem solving through the use of visuals and art,
typography, illustrations, symbols, colours,
amongst various others.
Almost everything that we see,
requires the work of a graphic designer.
Graphic designers are visual problem solvers.
They work in branding, advertising, packaging,
publishing and web development.
It’s always easy to overlook their importance,
but a graphic designers job is gravely important,
not just aesthetically but functionally as well.


Let’s Pitch

You might be one of those lucky few who don’t need to pitch. But for those of us that live in the real world pitches are unnerving, competitive and all absorbing.
Some helpful tips towards pitching are:
1. Reputation : If you have a reputed agency of course you’ve cut past most obstacles and are ten steps ahead of being likely to win a pitch.
2. While pitching steer clear of making just advertising the main focus.
3. Try showcasing your work at the very beginning if you’ve reached so far as scoring your first meeting with a client. It will help with your image. It will make clients more comfortable and willing to give their time to you.
4. Focus on highlighting the people in your agency: Sell their     creativity imagination, intelligence and insight.


Controversy in Indian Advertising

The world of advertising is far from being a smooth sailing one. It’s one thats riddled with controversies and drama. One such advertisement that received a whole lot of controversy was the One Plus 3T’s ‘Best Smartphone Campaign’ where one lucky winner would win Rs 1 crore . The campaign features a TVC based on the Kaun Banega Crorepati model, with Amitabh Bachhan and AIB’s Rohan Joshi. Amitabh is the one on the opposite seat this time being questioned. He’s asked to pick the best smartphone in India. Among the options along with the OnePlus 3T are Google Pixel, Apple I phone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Amitabh, questions Rohan for a Rs 1 crore answer– Which is the best-rated smartphone in India? Rohan claims to know the answer and in turn questions Amitabh. Amitabh switches seats with Rohan and chooses to go for the audience poll. The audience poll shows a unanimous lean towards the OnePlus 3T, as the best-rated smartphone in India. Option A is locked and Joshi is announced the winner. Towards the end of the ad an announcement is made where Amitabh asks for a missed call on a number to pick a lucky winner to win Rs 1 Crore in the same format at Sony’s. This is where the controversy settles. Sony sues for using their shows model. Another blogger, Bhawani complains to the ASCI that he ad is misleading. The ad made by BBDO India was taken down two months later.


Brand Storytelling

Advertising today isn’t just by showcasing what a brand has to offer.
Brands today tell stories, not just of their product and brand but those that might move us, or have a social purpose. This is a strategic move from the traditional ways of advertising.
And I’m talking about not just posting on Instagram’s Story feature, which brands have leveraged on digital today, but of well thought of stories.