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How culture affects marketing communication

How a group of people behave, their views, opinions, and perceptions based on language, ethnicity and race is culture. Culture affects virtually all human behaviour.
Marketing communications are heavily dependent on a particular groups culture. Culture affects not just what is communicated but how it is communicated as well. Depending on how industrialized and advanced a country or region might be affects the medium through which marketing communications are rolled out. A marketeers success is largely dependant on how well he understands cultural preferences, ideologies and behaviours of target consumers.

Communication is key: Graphic Design

Good communication lies at the heart of graphic design.
What is graphic design?
And what do graphic designers do?
Graphic design is a means of communication,
problem solving through the use of visuals and art,
typography, illustrations, symbols, colours,
amongst various others.
Almost everything that we see,
requires the work of a graphic designer.
Graphic designers are visual problem solvers.
They work in branding, advertising, packaging,
publishing and web development.
It’s always easy to overlook their importance,
but a graphic designers job is gravely important,
not just aesthetically but functionally as well.