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How culture affects marketing communication

How a group of people behave, their views, opinions, and perceptions based on language, ethnicity and race is culture. Culture affects virtually all human behaviour.
Marketing communications are heavily dependent on a particular groups culture. Culture affects not just what is communicated but how it is communicated as well. Depending on how industrialized and advanced a country or region might be affects the medium through which marketing communications are rolled out. A marketeers success is largely dependant on how well he understands cultural preferences, ideologies and behaviours of target consumers.

Who are Corpsumers?

A segment of people who care as much about a brands values as it’s products.
This segment of people are increasing growing more and more relevant.
They stay loyal to a company that according to them is doin the right thing, even if their product might be sub par. They would be likely to try to persuade their peers to buy into these brands. Being active users of social media they are likely to activate their views of the brands they love or dislike. Corpsumers don’t hesitate in paying a premium amount for products of brands they believe or support a cause they believe in.

Is Product More Important or Brand?

Face it! A product has to exist in order
to create a brand.
There is no brand without a product.
Not meaning that the two are the same.
Although sometimes people associate
a brand with a product.
Both are important.
It is important to have an okay product at least,
but more important to have a fabulous brand.

According to Seth Godin,
“A brand is the set of expectations,
memories, stories and relationships
that taken together account for a
consumer’s decision to choose one
product or service over another.”

Brands help product development.
How? By evoking emotions.
By caring about the needs of a customer.
By identifying the cultural values of a
consumer base and using the information
to define a company’s direction.

“Product first is very retro, very 1980’s.
We have to put the idea first.”
Says Kevin Roberts global CEO of
Saatchi and Saatchi since 1997.
According to him finding out what
a consumer wants is better than
looking into a product and figuring out how
to make that product better.

According to Al Ries,
“It’s better to be different than it is to be better.”
Perception is what makes a brand.
Perceptions are difficult to change once they’ve been
formed and only continue to harden
in a consumers mind.
In the vast market with the emergence
of similar products ,brand identity plays
an important role.
A well crafted brand identity helps
to safeguard being drowned amongst a sea
of competitors.

J.K Rowling, who wrote
Harry Potter, and sold over 500 million copies
of it wrote a novel and had it
published under the name of Robert Galbraith.
It sold not more than 1000 copies.
After people came to know that it was
actually written by JK Rowling ,
sales jumped and it sold over 1.1 million copies.
Just goes to show what is more important.
The brand or the product.
Another case in point would be Apple’s Iphone.
In comparison to Android which has a better Operating
System, Iphone still performs better and sells
more phones than Samsung. Brands evoke emotions
and products with low emotional appeal are very easily