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“Love yourself. Live fully. No excuses. No shame.”

Whoever said this, probably never had to face the trauma of body shaming. Shame on Body shame!
Most magazines and ads are constantly selling us images of perfectly photoshopped women, making us think that we are not good enough the way we are, offering tips and soliciting advice as to how we should look, and society has accepted this to be the norm. Society has accepted that we should all be a certain size, have a certain hair type, height and weight.
A society that feeds on the insecurities of people, makes advertisements feed on these insecurities too. Society sets up standards of beauty due to what media has imprinted on our minds. Media subtly plays into our everyday lives and passes on a certain message that we should all appear a certain way or else we are ugly. Anybody not confirming to current norms of beauty need to change themselves according to what the media wants us to believe.

The media sells things to us just so they can gain. They ask us if our bodies are bikini ready, and if not they sell us such and such shakes, so that we can lose weight for that perfect summer body.
Fair complexions don’t imply beauty. Dark skin doesn’t mean unattractiveness. Skin tones don’t matter. Beauty comes from within.The need for surgical enhancement is unnecessary.

Age is just a number , a number that should be embraced and not shied away from. Preventing the inevitable is impossible. Ageing gracefully is more attractive than being embarassed about it. Wrinkles and spots are signs of experiences of life.

False advertising has lead to a host of problems in our society. Low self esteem has crept in due to constant bombardment of these messages.There will always be things people want to change about themselves, but it should never be because of a feeling of inferiority in comparison to another.