Stringing our thoughts together

Stringing Our Thoughts Together

Fat feed is so amazing and fanciful, 
that it warrants and audience. 
This film was a shout out. 
This experimental piece of work 
and many (many, many) more lead 
us to win the Kyoorius award
for Digital Design. These experiments 
help keep us creatively sharp

Ghost Disturb

Interns Wanted | Ad

The atmosphere in our office is generally such.
Constantly disturbing the boss for feedback. 
Interns are always welcome, 
more so, the ones that are brave enough to ask more questions,
to learn and to grow more. 
This film was made by our intern at the time.

Time to roll

Blue Elephant

A friendly blue elephant arrived in
our mail one day. It came with the 
message that we’d won an 
award in the category of digital design 
by Kyoorius for our Instagram page. 
Overjoyed we made a short film 
expressing how we felt after winning the award.