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It’s refreshing to see women at the forefront in the new Fevikwik TVC’s.

Fevikwik’s recent campaigns “Khushiyon Ki Chand Pal”, have women featured as the main protagonists. This seems to be a refreshing change. Fevikwik ads long known to have been riddled with humor continue to be so but have managed to also highlight women’s issues this time.

The first ad shows a mother being able to fix her sons car, because of which her son asks to be fed bitter gourd. The ad emphasizes that these things don’t happen everyday, and that moments of happiness are bought by just the 5 Rupees that you spend on a Fevikwik.

The second ad shows a mother in law offering Orange juice to her daughter in law after her workout. It ends with a line saying that these things don’t happen everyday. It only happened because the daughter in law had earlier fixed her mother in laws prayer bell.
That moments of happiness could be bought at 5 Rupees.

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