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Modern laziness

Don’t feel like cleaning your room, clothes piled up on the chair since last week, eating ready to eat noodles. Yes, you are the original kind of lazy. An original kind of lazy avoids physical exertion. A cell phone, a mixer grinder, an automobile has made our life easier and yes, lazier. People argue that, it is not being lazy but being efficient. But is being resourceful similar to being slothful? 

There is another kind of lazy, the modern one. The one that is too lazy to emotionally sweat. If you are too lazy to raise the fundamental question why, staying away from an absorbing conversation, avoiding your boss at work because you are running late for a project submission. You are the modern lazy. The modern laziness is all about fear. If you are not asking questions because u feel asking a lot of questions is stupid, not asking any, surely is.

Whether you are the original lazy or the modern one, laziness has one medicine. Face it and do it.


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