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Social Samosa


Why we do it?

We have a fun job! Every day is stimulating because we’re lucky to have pathbreaking businesses to work with – whom we help to solve problems, across a wide array of markets and industries. And of course, we saw zero-based communications to be a good business opportunity.

How we evolve?

We’re a young team, very quick on our feet. We initiate a lot of personal projects which help us experiment with technology, design trends, markets. We meet a lot of interesting and talented people on the job, who bring flare and inspiration to our work.

Social responsibility in social media.

It’s quite simple:

Be authentic in all communications. Tell the truth.

Need of the hour.


Security. Think it’s everybody’s concern.

Interruption. That needs to be dealt with better.

We learned the hard way

It’s okay to reject ideas, till you have the one you’re going to go with. Reject as many as necessary.

Did we just share that?

When people meet our founder for the first time, expecting someone who “looks more like an advertising man”. She’s nothing of that.

They work with us.

We have clients from the smallest cities in India, to the largest cities in the world. Across various industries: entertainment, real-estate, retail, internet, technology, food, art, music, public service, films.

It’s quite unpredictable.

Industry as we foresee.

More opportunities for more ideas. It’ll get more exciting because there will be so many quicker and more engaging ways to reach people. More ideas to think of. And a lot faster!

A day without the internet.

At first, it would get crazy. Ruin everyone’s mood. Stall work. And then, we’d spend time together working on ideas (without the internet), which would be quite refreshing.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re always looking out for talented people to join our team.



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