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Love Surrealism? Then Fat Feed Zero Is The Instagram You Should Follow

Since Instagram is a gold mine for art and artists, Fat Feed Zero is one such account that caught our eye. It’s the Instagram page of Zero, a modern communications agency— brainchild of Rashi and Ram Ray. What started as a creative exercise for the team turned out to be something bigger than the idea itself.

The team challenged themselves to post one picture every day in such a way that each body of work had a connection with the next, to form a larger unending image. The bigger challenge was that every picture had to be unpredictable and distinct from the previous one. 

Intrigued, we got in touch with the team to know more about Fat Feed Zero and the story behind the artworks:
The content of Fat Feed Zero is varied and every new photo is a continuation as well as a new start—  how did you come up with such a concept?

It started as a creative exercise for our team at ZERO. The challenge to post one image every day that connected unpredictably to the next, to form one large growing image. It became so much fun, that we started obsessing over our feed. Now we’re building the fattest feed on Instagram.

Every artist has his/her own inspiration, what are the various inspirations of the contributing artists at Fat Feed Zero?

The visual design has formed pretty organically, one thought at a time. Surrealism inspires us, so you’ll find a lot of surreal ideas and characters in our work. And we don’t limit our weird thoughts on this page.

Why choose monochrome of all styles?

It would be next to impossible to get this kind of fluidity and continuity in colour.

How do you feel Instagram as a platform has shaped your success?

We’ve been lucky to connect with many talented creative people through our Instagram. People from all over the world reach out, which has created a large resource pool of talent for us.

The page attracts clients, too. We’ve also created clothing products using our fat feed graphics, that have been so popular with people that we’re planning to tie up with a fashion brand. And, of course, we’ve got some prestigious Creative Awards for our work on Fat Feed Zero. Recently, a Black Elephant from Kyoorius.

If you’re in love with their feed, go follow them on Instagram here or check out their website.

Ishwari Basu
Known as the mad hatter who loves to run after crows, she love animals and lives with three cats. But she intends to break the stereotype about single lonely women who find solace only in their pet animals. Studying sociology at Presidency University, she loves travelling, photography, and food, and hence, her dream job is to be a travel journalist. She loves all kinds of music from jazz to rock to pop to bollywood, and can dance to almost any tune.

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