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Fat Feed Zero’s Beaut Digital Art Is GOALS For Every Creative Soul

So first things first, Happy Brand New Year, peeps!

Okay now let’s get to business. We aren’t new to the cray art that people are making all over the globe. Some are painting feathers while a few are knitting some super real fantastical creatures. But one account we cannot move on from is Fat Feed Zero. Like hell, I was glued to my phone screen for quite a while trying to absorb in all the details of the gold I was staring at.

Now, these folks claim to be the fattest feed ever and I have to I agree. Because every photo connects with the next one, making it a humongous digital portrait of currently 321 images. Whoosh! You see what I am talking about? And the best bit- ALL of it is black and white beauty.

So skip your cubicle time for five minutes and scroll down to these 20 images for some massive creative inspiration.

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