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Fat Feed Zero – An intertwined Insta-feed

The increase of Social Media’s hold over individuals have led to a Rennaissance like revolution. The art realm continues to generate an enterprising mix of connoiseurs that range from Fashionistas to painters to museum professionals. To feature among them is Fat Feed Zero. 


It’s the only page of its kind among 500 million Instagram users where every picture connects with the next to form one large growing feed. It aims to become world’s fattest feed. Its popularity can be accessed bu the fact thatby some of the top creative professionals across the world like The Design Tip, Arts help, Art Spotlight follow it.


I spoke to Rashi Siuling of Zero Budget Agency who have come up with this idea and she explained, “We’re a bunch of creative minds, who run this agency and started Fat Feed as an experiment. It was designed to be a creative exercise for our team.The challenge was:

We would post one picture every day. Each picture had to connect with the next, to a larger picture. Every picture must be unpredictable. The composition should be fascinating. And of course, every picture was to be posted by a different member of our creative team.”





From what started as a fun little exercise, Fat Feed has grown to become a useful resource pool for the agency. They have recently developed a unique  fashion line using the prints they created on Fat Feed. They have also been awarded the prestigious design award for Fat Feed too ~
Kyoorius in-book for Digital Design in 2016. A few more intriguing pictures from their Fat Feed gram :-


We approve of their innovative invetion.

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