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Art and Technology Combine In This Incredible Indian Instagram Feed


Since its inception, Instagram has become an ever-growing insidious blight on the internet. A swirling vortex of selfies and smoothies, sometimes the true potential of the medium can be forgotten. But every once in a while you come across an account that truly takes your breath away with its creativity, one such example is the Fat Feed Zero Project by Kolkata-based ZERO Budget Communication Agency. The Fat Feed uses individual images to slowly build and create a larger image.

The idea started out as a creative experiment with each member of the team working to expand the composition but it was so much fun that its soon became a regular feed. They start with an idea for a subject and then try to find other objects that would align to form one cohesive work of art. The theme itself builds organically, one object links to another and tells its own unique and unpredictable story.

They believe Instagram as a platform has been pivotal in their success, the 9 image grid was after all the basic structure for the project. The vast network Instagram provides gives them a huge reach to exhibit their creative talents. It’s attracted interest from clients across the globe and even won them the prestigious Kyoorius in-book for Digital Design award in 2016.

What began as simple excercise in creativity has flourished under the watchful eye of the ZERO Agency team , the feed has been used to hone, skills, create films and even lauched a fashion line. Through this they are still clear about their overall goal, as they put it ‘We hope to inspire ever flowing creativity amongst our team members as well as our followers.’ There’s no doubting the visual excellence that has been conceived here, so log in and join the following for the fattest feed on the internet!








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