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Man’s world of advertising.

Advertisements are meant to to sell.
For long women have been crassly objectified in ads.
Their body parts showcased like pieces to sell.
The industry, however has evolved.
These days,the damsel in distress is the opposite of the strategies used by ad’s.
In India, too.
Here are some advertisements that are truly inspiring in their ideas and concepts: – The Nirma Washing Soap ad: Four women do something that no one else dares to. They see an ambulance stuck on the road they take charge. Together they manage to get the ambulance out of the pothole. – Dove, Lets break the rules of Beauty: It is about changing the concept of beauty and realising that everyone is beautiful in their own way. There are no rules to beauty, it is about realising and accepting yourself. –Myntra: It is about changing the society’s concept of acceptable love. Two girls, who choose an alternative lifestyle. They are Bold and Beautiful.

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