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Self Publishing Success: How

Self publishing, becoming todays norm, has guided most
writers to design their books in a certain way. It’s easy,
and to self publish an e-book is even easier.
1. To design a great book focus on the cover of the book:
As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover,
in the self publishing world we realize that people do
judge the book by the cover. A well finished cover tells
us that the author will honor our time spent with the
book as well. The cover basically establishes the books brand.
It leaves a lasting impression on a readers mind.
2. Another factor for a well designed self published
book are the pages of the book. They are like the architectural
foundations of the book.
3. Next is the marketing aspect of the book.
Marketing should be undertaken even before the book is
written or it falls at the risk of lying under a heaps
of thousands of other books that have not been marketed well enough.
4.Book reviews are another way a self published
book could find its way to success.

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