STORY - Brandname & Identity by Zero Budget Agency

Brandname & identity for a bookstore chain

Three Calcutta bookstores took a brazen step. They left their franchisee-ship with the famous Crossword chain electing to build their own new brand. The stores would continue to operate at the same premises, but with a new brand name.

The ambitious owners are set to offer the best bookstore experience in the country: a pilgrimage for book-lovers. A real-world space where people would love to socialise. Somewhat of a tomorrow’s bookstore, but on ground.

First things first: we designed the brandname STORY. A bookstore is made up of stories. People connect with stories. Always have, always will. Its DNA is ageproof, adaptable and upgradeable.

We created an organic brandname and brandmark as our brand’s upfront story-telling tool. A social brand experience that provokes imagining and thinking. And, with a name like STORY, the design wrote itself.